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  • Albert Bloch - The Green Domino
  • Albert Herter - Woman with Red Hair
  • Anton Mauve - A Dutch Road
  • August Macke - Three girls in yellow straw hats I
  • Benson - Sunlight
  • Egon Schiele - Kneeling Woman in Orange-Red Dress
  • Franz Marc - The Foxes
  • Grant Wood - American Gothic
  • Jacob Maris - Fishing boat
  • Klimt - The Kiss
  • Modigliani - Caryatid
  • Modigliani - Jacques and Berthe Lipchitz
  • Morris Kantor - Self-Portrait
  • Odilon Redon - Roger and Angelica
  • Ramon Casas - Laziness
  • Rembrandt - Self Portrait at an Early Age
  • Tom Roberts - Going home
  • Van Gogh - Another vase of sunflowers
  • Van Gogh - Fritillaries in a Copper Vase
  • Van Gogh - Self-Portrait 2
  • Van Gogh - The Church in Auvers
  • Vermeer - Young Woman with a Pearl Necklace

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